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Commander Kerry Malone

Name Kerry Eric Malone

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37
Languages Spoken Federation Standard; Danish; Romulan

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 2in
Weight 19st
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Spouse Ira Skovgaard
Father Adm. Leonard Malone
Mother Cmdr. Jessica Malone (Ret.)
Sister(s) LtCmdr. Rebecca Malone (32)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kerry is a bit of a cowboy type, often falling on the side of reserved recklessness, rather than logical pre-thought. However, despite appearances, he manages to pull off considerable feats with his style. Friendly and compassionate with his friends, cold and aloof with others - he can be a hard one to read.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kerry has a brilliant tactical and strategic mind, able to read a situation and see all potential outcomes, and think outside the box to find a solution. Often his plans will seem reckless and foolhardy to the uneducated, but they have a knack for working where they really shouldn't. The downside is that he can lean far more on his cowboy nature, often throwing caution to the wind.
Hobbies & Interests Kerry is a keen darts player, often practising quite late into the night. He's also an avid pilot, enjoying the ability to literally "fly by the seat of his pants".

Personal History Kerry Eric Malone, born on Earth and raised by two Starfleet parents, had an extremely respectable childhood. His father was Captain of a starship, and his mother was a botanist on Earth. Whilst his father was away on assignment, he bonded with his mother, who always made time for him. When his sister was born, he took on the responsibility for raising her with his mother - but never harboured any resentment towards his father, who he admired more than anyone.

In his mid-teens, his father was promoted to Starfleet Command, and was able to be home more with the family. Kerry showed amazing aptitude in his studies, and when he was 18, was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Being the Dean's son didn't really help him all that much, but he still managed to make a good group of friends as he completed his four years, and graduated as an Ensign in the Security Division.

His first posting really taught Kerry how boring Security really was, and after watching all the pilots aboard the Nimitz he really wanted to become one. Putting his mind to his studies once more in his off-hours, he completed all the requirements for the pilot entry exam, and was offered a place on the training school.

Returning back to Earth to complete his pilot qualification, he found he had a natural knack for flying, and advanced much faster than his peers. He graduated in the top five of his class, and gratefully received his wings. Being transferred to a front line fighter unit was a dream come true, and he revelled in it.

His time aboard the USS Carl Vincent really helped Kerry hone his skills as a combat pilot, as he knocked up four kills on his tour, eventually earning a Flight Leader post and two promotions by the end of his three years aboard the ship. He was offered a post aboard the newly commissioned USS Ticonderoga as her Squadron XO, a position he was not going to turn down.

Serving under an extremely competent Squadron CO, Kerry absolutely enjoyed his time in Baker Squadron, racking up yet more kills and flight hours in multiple fighter craft. He also was able to learn ancient Andorian from one of his friends, as well as Klingon from his Lead Mechanic.

It was at around this time that he was selected to rotate as an exchange officer aboard the IRW Dimome, a Romulan D'Deridex class warbird. He was put with their fighter pilots to learn and understand how the Romulan Star Empire operated, as part of a trial program. Whilst there, out of necessity, he learned Romulan, and was able to get a firm grasp of their tactics and mindset.

Upon his return after six months with the Romulan Navy, he found that his mentor and friend who had been his Squadron CO had been killed in action with Orion Pirates. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and offered command of the squadron.

It wasn’t long after this that Kerry began dating a young pilot, Anna Heston, and the two really hit it off. Life seemed to be doing really well, and Kerry didn’t think he could be happier. He was in command of a squadron, he’d been offered Second Officer, and he was dating a gorgeous girl. Then came the accident.

It was a routine training flight, nothing out of the ordinary. Anna’s flight was engaged in some high speed manoeuvre exercises, something they’d done many times before. There was a miscalculation, and before anyone knew it, Anna’s craft had struck an asteroid, and incinerated. Kerry was devastated by the loss, and shut himself off from pretty much everyone. He took a leave of absence and spent a lot of time coming to terms with what happened. After a period of time, he returned back to the Ticonderoga, but a changed man.

Three years later, at the behest of his commanding officer, he transferred to Obsidian Command to take up the recently vacated First Officer billet under Commander Lance. It was the move into command that he’d been looking for, and he took the new start exactly as he meant to do so. He elected to apply nothing but professionalism to his role, and he hit the ground running with how he intended to carry on.

It was the arrival of the station’s new Second Officer that changed a lot of things for Kerry. Ira Skovgaard was brought in to help address the serious security concerns on the station due to the incompatibility with Starfleet Security and the Federation Police. The two formed a very quick strong working relationship, and worked well together. It was around this time that Kerry slowly realised he liked Ira more than just as a professional colleague, and that he was physically capable of loving someone after Anna.

It was a very slow courtship, as Ira was incredibly reluctant to let her guard down. However, after six months of very casual ‘dates’, the two finally became officially a couple, when they both realised how much they cared for one another. Ira had opened up, and Kerry had been able to let go of his past to allow himself to put himself out there for Ira.

Not long after this, Ira was offered a command of her own, Deep Space Seven, and she asked Kerry to come with her to be her first officer. Initially, there were concerns about their romantic relationship, and could they remain objective with one another. However, they decided to work through the concerns, and Kerry agreed to go from being her superior to her subordinate – effectively killing off his career prospects of advancement and promotion with this agreement, simply so he could stay with Ira. Had he stayed, he no doubt would’ve gotten command of Obsidian Command, but as he put it – he’d rather be an XO forever and be with Ira, than an Admiral and not have her in his life.

The two moved to Deep Space Seven, and any concerns they had about separating their professional and personal lives were quickly abated. There was no cross-over, when they were on duty, they were CO and XO. When they were alone, they were lovers. It worked perfectly. They even got engaged over the course of the year they were together on DS7.

Then the Patron situation tested the strength of their bond, both as a couple and a command team. Ira risked her life in attempting to stop the Patron, and deliberately elected not to discuss the issue with Kerry so as to avoid an argument. She had compartmentalised her plan to only those crucial to its execution, and this step-back into her old patterns caused both the XO and the lover to be angry with her.

In the end, they had an argument and came up with some amicable solutions to the problem, as well as agreed to get married as soon as they went on leave after the Patron clean-up, which they did not long after. Ira’s wedding gift to Kerry was his promotion to Commander after all this time.
Service Record - Graduated Starfleet Academy
- Posting as an Assistant Security Officer, USS Nimitz
- Rotated back to Pilot School, Earth
- Graduated Pilot School
- Pilot, TCS174 "Vibroblade" Squadron, USS Carl Vincent
- Flight Leader, TCS174 "Vibroblade" Squadron, USS Carl Vincent
- Promoted to Lieutenant JG
- Promoted to Lieutenant
- Squadron XO, TCS954 "Baker" Squadron, USS Ticonderoga
- Exchange Officer, IRW Dimome
- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
- Squadron CO, TC954 "Baker" Squadron, USS Ticonderoga
- Second Officer, USS Ticonderoga
- Executive Officer, Obsidian Command
- Executive Officer, Deep Space Seven