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Lieutenant Commander Jael Steiger

Name Jael Steiger

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32
Place of Birth Pontresina, Switzerland
Languages Spoken Fluent in German, English; proficient in French, Italian, Cardassian, Orion

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Clear Green
Physical Description Jael’s face is smooth, strong, and youthful, making her appear younger than she is. She has long, thick, and straight dark brown hair worn up in a bun or in hair twists both on duty and down and flowy off-duty. She is of very athletic and muscular build in order to appear more intimidating due to her short height. Her eyes change color depending on her mood, going from almost see-through green when she is relaxed to a deep ocean green when she is fighting for her life.

Jael maintains a Swiss German accent from her childhood.


Spouse Dutch Lowek
Children None
Father Noah Steiger (deceased)
Mother Sira Steiger (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jael is a very strong-willed and energetic woman. She focuses most of her attention on her work, often letting her personal life fall to the wayside. She prefers to be alone, having difficulties connecting with others after turbulent teen years and a few dark investigations during her career.

She has a very dry and twisted sense of humor that has developed due to her very heavy and dark life and career.

Jael is drawn to danger and dangerous work, finding the adrenaline rush adding fuel to her desire to discover and learn about the unusual and the chaotic.

Jael is very analytical, often psycho-analyzing her peers and everyone she comes across. She has a strong ability to read people, a skill she had always had since she was a child, which has both helped and hurt her. She is not trusting at all of others and has difficulty warming up to them. She keeps her emotions to herself and doesn’t show her true colors.

Jael's goal is to always have the upper hand in any situation. She is very calculating and always thinks two, three, four steps ahead of everything she does.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Brilliant
+ Analytical
+ Observant
+ Beautiful
+ Hard Worker
+ Physically and Mentally Strong
+ Calculating
+ Patient
+ Confident
+ Brave

- Stubborn
- Cold
- Prideful
- Distrusting of others
- Unemotional
- Over Analytical
- Risk-taker
- Attracted to Dangerous Situations
Hobbies & Interests Weightlifting, reading, playing the piano and singing, firearms, mountain climbing

Personal History Jael Steiger was born to two chemical scientists in Pontresina, Switzerland. She was a n only child, doted on by her education-focused parents. At an early age Jael showed a naturally genius mind and ability to learn things very quickly. Her parents took advantage of this, teaching their daughter how to read and analyze both books and people. Growing up, Jael had a difficult time connecting with kids her age due to her advanced mind. She was ridiculed and bullied by her classmates and she learned how to fight back and grow a thick skin. Jael often kept to herself but remained inseparable from her parents who loved her unconditionally.

When Jael was 10, her family relocated to San Francisco, California after her parents earned jobs at a Federation Lab. The new job forced her parents to work longer hours, leaving Jael alone to keep herself occupied and cared for on her own. She continued to learn as much as she could but became more and more secluded.

Jael’s father soon began showing signs or erraticism and mental instability, often angering and becoming confused easily. Over the course of a few years he began having manic episodes which included audio and visual hallucinations where he believed he was being attacked by an unknown being. Jael began worrying about her father and attempted to learn what exactly was going on with her father. Because she was still young she was having difficulties determining the cause for his episodes and, therefore, bringing him help. The more erratic he became, the less willing her father was to seek treatment.

One day, while 15-year-old Jael was in school, her father snapped, killing her mother because he thought she had been possessed by the entity and was going to murder him and then killed himself. Jael had come home and discovered their bodies, leaving a deep emotional scar that would never fade. She was immediately sent to live in a government-run orphanage while finishing her high school career. Jael threw herself into her studies, feeling guilt over not being able to figure out what was wrong with her father and prevent the tragedy (Jael’s father suffered from a mixture of Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder). She focused her energies on learning about Psychology and Human Behavior and wanted to help understand this type of behavior and what leads people to behave in certain ways.

After the death of her parents, Jael was recruited by a Starfleet officer who was impressed by her test scores and essays. Due to her ability to read and understand others and love of learning and exploration, he believed she would be a perfect representative of Starfleet’s mission. Since she had no family or a solid home, Jael jumped on the chance and enlisted. She was drawn to the seemingly endless opportunities to study and learn about different species and races of humanoids. Due to her father’s case she specialized in criminal behavior but maintained strong general knowledge on natural behavior.

After four years Jael graduated in the top 5% of her class and received honors for her studies. She continued her education by going to Medical School in order to upgrade to a Psychiatrist and learn more about neurology and biology and its effects on behavior. She remained a loner amongst her peers and kept to herself. She found she was able to focus better without having to worry about what others thought of her. Her classmates were often jealous of Jael’s over analytical mind and felt like they were a part of her own personal social experiment whenever they communicated with her. Jael, once again, graduated from Medical School with high honors and an MD next to her name.

After graduation Jael stayed in San Francisco on the Academy grounds and began her work as a Psychiatrist for criminals imprisoned in penal colonies, both for military crimes and civilian crimes. She often was attracted to the worst of the worst cases and criminals, finding her work exciting and dangerous. She found she was able to talk with and form a connection, albeit feigned, with those type of people and give them a false sense of security and understanding. She was willing to do and say things that most other doctors were willing to. Because her work was so dark and ugly, Jael had to develop an ability to disconnect herself from her emotions in order to get through her work.

When Jael was 28 she was kidnapped by an escaped dangerous mental patient, held against her will, and beaten and tortured by him. While being held, the woman found a certain thrill in not knowing what was going to happen to her or whether she was going to live or die. The entire incident remains classified due to a major cover up by Starfleet since they didn’t want the public to know that someone escaped from their custody. Jael’s exterior became far stronger and she continued her work and solo life without hesitation.

The following year, Jael was approached by Starfleet Intelligence to assist in studying terrorist and terrorist activities. She was attracted to the danger of the job and gladly accepted. She left her home in San Francisco and traveled around the galaxy working undercover and discovering and assisting in thwarting terrorist activities.

After multiple near-death experiences during cases, Jael was approached to transfer to a more stable assignment before she got lost amongst the darkness. The woman was offered an Executive Officer position on a newly commissioned starship. Her superiors believed her skills in human analysis and her straightforward work ethic would help the new crew succeed during their missions. They also believed that being around others not of the criminal or psychological mind would push her out of her nearly permanent shell.

Since a Starfleet Officer can never say no to assignments, Jael begrudgingly accepted the transfer and awaited the starship’s first launch.

During her transfer process, Jael's work partner of three years, Dutch Lowek, suffered the same fate as she did after a post-mission psychological evaluation and was sent to permanent desk duty. He and Jael realized that his career was over along with their strong friendship and two-year sexual relationship. The pair decided how much they deeply cared about each other and didn't want to be separated. However, the only way for them to be together on the Centaurus would be if they were married. Looking at it as the only logical way for the two to not lose each other, Jael and Dutch decided to get married at City Hall in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, Jael's efforts to help the Centaurus crew were fruitless. The officers were unwilling to grow up and change, often insulting and yelling at Jael and blaming her for their behavior when she punished them for wrongdoings. While she had been used to that backlash from psychiatric patients, it had disappointed her that officers representing the Federation behaved in the same fashion. She realized she could only do so much. The officers themselves had to be willing to put forth the effort to try to better themselves.

Admiral McGuinness, who had worked with Jael and Dutch in Intelligence, had been secretly keeping tabs on Jael after her transfer. He had discovered the abuse she had been going through at the hands of her crew and believed she deserved better than to be kicked around. Her brain was too valuable to be wasted on the assignment. Wanting to give her a better environment, he suggested to Commander Skovgaard that she transfer into the vacant Chief Counselor position on Deep Space 7. Commander Skovgaard agreed.

After only serving for three months, Jael accepted the offer of a transfer. She had seen Dutch slowly become more secluded as he couldn't bare to watch his wife suffer at the hands of immature men and women. She also knew he wanted a more secure environment for their future family, and she didn't want to raise a child around people who could care less about anything other than themselves. Even though she had become close with the Commanding Officer, Jael believed the transfer would be in her and Dutch's best interest.