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Abigail "Abi" Hunter-Nolan

Name Abigail "Abi" Hunter-Nolan

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Place of Birth Earth
Languages Spoken Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 11
Weight 19 stone
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown/Hazel
Physical Description Of average height and build, Abi has long red hair, with a roundish face. She has a slight frame with a slim waistline.


Spouse Alexia Hunter-Nolan
Father Herbert Hunter
Mother Clarissa Hunter
Sister(s) Louise Hunter-Pagen
Debbie Kingsley
Other Family Derek Pagen (Brother in Law)
Victor Kingsley (Brother in Law)
Quinn Hunter-Pagen (Nephew)
Juliet Hunter-Pagen (Niece)
Sarah Kingsley (Niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Abigail is a fairly self confident individual with a strong desire to improve and evolve herself. Driven by a passion for knowledge in science, she has all but devoted her young adult life to academia. Only recently has she elected to take that passion into practical application.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Driven

-Easily Hurt
-Puts self out there
Hobbies & Interests Jogging, Horse-back Riding, Shooting, Archery, Reading

Personal History Abigail was born in Georgia, US to loving parents, the middle child of three girls, all vying for attention. When she was nine, the family moved to Armstrongs Landing on the Moon, which would be where Abi would live for the next decade. She attended the Aldrin High School at the same time as Alexia Nolan, and although the girls were in the same class, never really spoke to one another. Abi fell in with the popular crowd, and Alexia was more on the outside fringe groups.

Abi was the class president, head cheerleader, and eventually Valedictorian of their highschool year. She went on to college to study Biology for her Bachelors, and it was the same university that her then boyfriend attended - the former Captain of the High School Football team. The couple got engaged in Alexia's final year of her Bachelor's degree, and she stayed on for a further few years to gain her Masters and was working on her Doctorate, when she discovered her fiancee` in bed with her room-mate. She was heart-broken, and broke up with her fiancee` the same day.

She used the pain as a driving force to push her through her doctorate thesis, earning her an incredibly high passing grade. With her doctorate in biology secure, she then moved on to get a second masters in zeno-biology, whilst working as a research fellow in Professor Steingates Lab. Whilst there, she met an extremely nice man, who took a mutual liking to her. They began an incredibly passionate relationship that lasted for around three months, when Abi discovered by chance that her 'perfect' man was married and had three children. Unwilling to be a home-wrecker, she kept her mouth shut and told him she wanted nothing more to do with him.

Vowing off relationships, Abi knuckled down and got on with her work, earning her a lot of kudos from her superiors. After achieving her second doctorate, this time in Zeno-Biology, Abi continued her studies - choosing to shut herself off from the outside world, as it caused her nothing but pain.

Over the next few years, she obtained a Masters in Zeno-Linguistics and a Bachelors in Macro-Biology. At this point, even her professors had become concerned about her agoraphobic attitude, and after encouraging her to see a counsellor, finally was convinced by all her colleagues that in order to get a better applied understanding of her studies, she needed to go out and actually do the work.

She applied to Starfleet to work as a civilian contractor in their new Zeno-Biology lab, studying alien lifeforms that were being brought back for study. She was about to take up this posting when she bumped into Alexia Nolan on a night out in San Francisco.

That night changed everything, as she was able to tell Alexia after all these years that she'd had a crush on her since high-school but had never been able to say. Alexia had also admitted such feelings to Abi, and that night, Abi allowed herself to open her heart to another person for the first time in years. She fell for Alexia straight away, and moved her research to the USS Centaurus, so she could continue to be with Alexia - to discover what future their new relationship might have.