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Phillip Sharpe

Name Phillip Sharpe

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 19st
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ruggedly handsome with a well built body.


Spouse Annie Sharpe
Father Carl Roberts
Mother Kassandra Sharpe
Brother(s) Richard Sharpe (35)
Sister(s) Rebecca Sharpe (19)
Caroline Hatfield (19) - Adoptive Sister

Personality & Traits

General Overview Phillip is a happy go-lucky guy who rarely lets things phase him. With a keen eye for business, he's been running his company with his best friend for years.
Strengths & Weaknesses Phil's main strengths are his business acumen. He's able to hold his own in a negotiation with a Ferengi, something he's very proud of.

His main weakness is his shyness and his desire for an easy life - which makes him very subservient to aggressive people.
Ambitions To have his business become the number one haulage company in the Federation
Hobbies & Interests Piloting fast ships

Personal History Phillip is the eldest of the Sharpe clan, and the most forgiving of his mother. Despite everything, he keeps protecting her, despite it not being in anyone's best interests. This has often put him at odds with his younger brother Richard.

As soon as he was able, he left the family home and went to make his fortune with his best friend Stone Jackson. Together, they founded Intergalactic Horizon, and made it into a thriving haulage and transport company.

During the debacle on Obsidian Station, Phil had been out there to scout out opening up a new hub office for the company. After a successful board meeting, Phil became the new President and CEO of NewStar Intergalactic, a subsidiary company of Intergalactic Horizon, based on Obsidian Command.

Not long after settling onto the station, he began a relationship with Annie Ayers, one of the police officers on the station. She was a friend of Richard's, so they'd been interacting for a while before they agreed to start dating.

After the Loki incident, the two of them had a massive row when Annie discovered that Sharpe Hotels, part of the Sharpe Holdings Group, had purchased the Onyx Hotel, the very same place she'd been tortured in the basement. This caused a temporary break-up between the two, which was later reconciled on the private resort beach of the Onyx Hotel. During this reconsiliation, Phil told Annie everything he'd been withholding from her - including his true financial worth, around three point six billion credits.

Annie agreed to go on vacation with Phil, to a resort that Phil actually owned. During an incredibly drunk evening, the two married one another accidentally. The following day, there was a lot of heart-to-heart discussions held, and they agreed that they did love one another, and in honesty, Phil would have wanted to marry Annie anyway. It took her a little bit to come around, but the resounding trust she had for Phil, as well as the love and kindness he'd given her - she agreed to stay married to him.