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Sergeant Major Patrick Harper

Name Patrick Harper

Position MEU SNCO

Rank Sergeant Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 11
Weight 19st
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue/Grey
Physical Description Tall and slim with a grim and fierce expression.


Father Arnold Harper
Mother Diane Harper

Personality & Traits

General Overview Patrick is a loyal and hardworking marine right down to the core. Having been in the service his entire adult life, he's a marine through and through. Fiercely devoted to his marines, he'll always do all he can to protect them, but isn't afraid to crack heads where needed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Patrick is exceptionally talented at field craft, as well as small unit tactics. Having been in the corps for 30 years, he's considered a master of his craft - where he can teach new recruits a thing or two.
Ambitions Having reached the pinnacle of the enlisted track, Patrick's ambitions are merely to survive to retirement at this point.
Hobbies & Interests When not doing callisthenics, Harper can be found in the bar.

Personal History Having joined the marines straight out of school, Patrick Harper has always been a field grunt - and wanted nothing more.

Advancing through the ranks at a regular pace, Patrick stood out for his exceptional ability to adapt to any environment he was thrown into. Quickly snapped up for Force Recon training, he proved just as capable in the special forces as he did in line forces.

For the next ten years, he worked in covert operations, becoming a specialist operator and sniper. However, following an injury on a clandestine operation behind enemy lines - Harper was forced to be extracted. The nature of his injury disqualified him from further work in special operations for some time.

Taking this downtime as a chance to develop himself, Patrick - at this point a Staff Sergeant - elected to attend the Senior NCO training school. He spent the next nine months in this school, and completed it with high marks. This then entitled him to be entered into the promotion pool for Gunnery Sergeant.

It was around this time that he met a rather freshly promoted young marine called Richard Sharpe, who'd just become a Second Lieutenant through field promotion from Sergeant - having completed OCS. Harper was assigned to be his platoon sergeant to help the new Lieutenant. He found a kindred spirit in Sharpe, and the two soon became fast friends.

As they both advanced, they stayed together whenever possible.
Service Record - Enlisted as a Private
- Completed Boot Camp
- Fireteam Marksman, 1st Platoon, D-Company, 882nd Marine Battalion "Kingmaker"
- Promoted to PFC
- Promoted to Lance Corporal
- Rotated to Camp Anzac for Force Recon Training
- Promoted to Corporal
- Assigned to 55th Force Recon Unit
- Promoted to Sergeant
- Promoted to Staff Sergeant
- Attended Senior NCO Training
- Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant
- Platoon Sergeant, 6th Platoon, W-Company, 43rd Marine Battalion "Spiders"
- Promoted to First Sergeant
- Company First Sergeant, W-Company, 43rd Marine Battalion
- Company First Sergeant, E-Company, 22nd Marine Battalion "Roughnecks"
- Detachment SNCO, Obsidian Command Marine Detachment