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Police Commander Paul Reed

Name Paul Reed

Position Head of Station Security

Rank Police Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, Earth
Languages Spoken English

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Paul wears his brown hair short with some spike to it. He usually has some facial hair but keeps it short and trimmed. He sometimes mixes things up and goes clean shaven. Paul has an athletic build with lean muscles. His go to outfit is a dark fitted shirt and dark denim pants.

Paul has a 4” phaser scar on his lower left abdomen from a phaser battle in his early patrol days. He didn't want the scar removed so it can be used as a constant reminder to not take life for granted.


Spouse Ari Reed
Children Cooper Reed
Father Thomas Reed
Mother Gina Reed
Brother(s) Jack Reed, younger brother
Other Family Amanda Graves, ex-wife

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paul is a very charming, easy going man. He usually has a casual vibe about him, making him very easy to talk to. He is very protective of his officers, taking on a big brother type of leadership role.

Paul is also a guy's guy, loves being in charge and the big man on campus. But with the big ego comes a big personality. He is very outgoing and outspoken and easily angers. He doesn't have much of a filter, especially since he had started promoting and started working closer with Starfleet. He has gained much respect from Starfleet and the Marines, working well with them during critical incidents and helping to establish a strong working relationship with the military branches.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Smart
+ Charming
+ Great sense of humor
+ Enjoys getting down and dirty at work
+ Well liked and respected among his peers

- Has a rather large ego
- Flirty
- Hot headed
- Opinionated
Hobbies & Interests Working, his wife, chasing bad guys, drinking and hanging out with friends and coworkers, spending time on the holosuite

Personal History Paul Reed was born in Chicago, Illinois, the oldest of two boys to Thomas and Gina Reed. Thomas was a police officer, and Gina was a stay-at-home mom. Paul was a very rambunctious child, often getting into trouble for being rowdy in class, though he was well liked by most people. During his teen years, he was often out with his friends and loitering at the local restaurants and bars in downtown Chicago.

Because of his flirty personality, Paul was also popular with the ladies, often going out to try and get dates. He enjoyed competing with his friends, trying to see how many dates they could get in one weekend.

Naturally, with his father a cop, Paul wanted to follow in his footsteps. He enjoyed the action that his father saw on a daily basis, and wanted to be a part of it. He enjoyed the idea of playing Cops & Robbers, protecting the innocent from the evil in the universe.

At the age of 18, Paul joined the FCPD, wanting to explore more of space instead of being a local city cop. The dangers that lurked out in the vast open space called to him. While he wasn't as strong academically as he could have been, he was able to think tactically and interact with others with ease. Paul was a natural born leader, and handled any challenge thrown his way.

When Paul was 25, he was working patrol on the Academy grounds with one of his closest friends, Zeke. Zeke was the same age, and they were in the same Academy together. After spotting a suspicious subject in a dark coat walking erratically late at night in between one of the buildings, Zeke and Paul approached him. The subject pulled out a phaser, shooting both Zeke and Paul on the spot, injuring Paul and fatally injuring Zeke, Paul was able to get a shot out and stun the subject, but was unable to save Zeke, who died in his arms.

After losing his partner, Paul decided to go to the Academy as an instructor. He wanted to teach young cadets about the dangers of the job, no matter how many jokes are said about them. He went over his tactics from that night every single day, trying to convince himself that he made all of the right decisions. Paul used that evening as an example to the cadets, both tactically and emotionally what you go through during a critical incident.

When Paul was 30, he met Ari Porter, a young cadet that immediately caught his eye. She was young, beautiful, and had a fire in her that he wanted to explore more. He saw her potential, and how brilliant she was thinking on her feet, and took her under his wing. The pair became inseparable, Paul deciding to go back to patrol so that he could work more with Ari. He enjoyed being a cop with her, loving her spirit and energy about the work and about life.

Paul met Amanda while he was hanging out at a bar with Ari and their patrol friends. She was tall, blonde, well endowed, and was someone almost the complete opposite of Ari. She was snobby and outspoken, but he fell for her charms. After a year of dating, that's when Paul put in for a promotion at work.

At 35, Paul decided he needed to step ahead, putting in for the Sergeant promotion and easily gaining one of the spots on Obsidian Command. He hated leaving Ari, but needed to continue learning and exploring what was out there for him.

During his going away party, Paul had become extremely intoxicated, streaking in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, and becoming too much for Amanda to handle on her own. Amanda was never a physically strong girl, realizing she would be able to get people to do things for her because of her natural beauty. Telling Ari that she needs to get him under control, she left them at the bar together... alone.

Ari had helped Paul home, much to his gratitude. The alcohol had started to turn up some of his deep feelings for Ari, the ones he kept hidden under a rock for five years, and turned off his inhibition. Kissing Ari for the first time, the pair slept together, with Ari staying over at his apartment. When he woke up, he was thrown off by what had happened, freaking out and deciding to stay with Amanda because he didn't think it would ever work out with Ari. Ari meant too much to him to lose her because of work.

Marrying Amanda, they moved to Starbase Command. Amanda immediately hated it, missing the beautiful San Francisco beaches and fresh air. She found the base to be gross and full of criminals, but Paul loved it there. He loved the action and adventure and team of officers he was given. Without hesitation, he told Amanda he wasn't leaving, so she left without him and divorced him after four years of going back and forth from Earth to the base.

Paul flew through the ranks, becoming the Promenade Team Captain after three years. He was then reunited with his old partner Ari when he was 40 and she transferred to the Lieutenant vacancy under him. Because they still believed in following the anti-nepotism policy and believing their work relationship meant more than their personal relationship, the pair remained close friends and as professional as they could be.

During the starbase attack by Penumbra and almost losing Ari, Paul realized he couldn't stand being without her. Finally breaking through their real feelings, he kissed her, never wanting to be without her.

Paul's efforts during the Penumbra negotiations were easily recognized by the brass, becoming Commander and running all of the FCPD offices on the base. Ari was promoted as well, taking over his spot as Captain of the Promenade Patrol Team.

They continued to try to keep their relationship a secret, their closest friends had become increasingly aware of their running around. Even though they were at risk of being caught and separated, they maintained as much of a facade as they could in front of the FCPD brass, unsure how they would feel about Paul and Ari being together.

Paul was promoted to run the entire Security Department for Obsidian Command. After higher-ups got wind of the goings-on between him and Archie, Paul was reprimanded and lost his chance of promoting further up the chain. His entire goal was to get to where he was currently at and felt getting the girl was his next step. After Archie was moved to a much better fitting position as the Head of Investigations on the base, Paul officially proposed.

Archie then unexpectedly got pregnant, and, in response, they secretly eloped on a whim while on a vacation.

After the birth of their son, Paul was offered to transfer to Deep Space 7 after Lieutenant Commander Ira Skovgaard gave him the chance to build up the new Security department on the base. Due to tensions that had developed between the Command Staff on Obsidian Command and feeling used by the current Commanding Officer, he gladly accepted and moved there with his wife and new baby boy. Because loyalty meant everything to him, he recruited a group of officers who had remained true to him in order to strengthen his department and skills as a leader.