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Plots & Plans

Posted on Thursday May 16, 2019 @ 2:29pm by Commander Kerry Malone
Edited on on Sunday May 19, 2019 @ 4:53pm

Mission: LINK
Location: Romulan Empire
Timeline: MD02

Praetor’s Office, New Romulan Senate
New Romulus

The Praetor and her assembled staff sat around the half-moon table, a design favoured by the Romulan nobility. It enabled the Praetor to sit in the middle with subordinates flanking her to both sides, moving down the table in order of importance, with the least significant at the end of the table. To her immediate right sat ProConsul Tomalak, her loyal pet who controlled the Senate on her behalf, removing one irritating thorn from her side.

Assembled were her important officers of state, the head of the Romulan Star Navy, the head of the Tal’Shiar, the head of Imperial Affairs, and other people of lesser note.

“So Admiral, do you have word yet of the operation in the Vorkado system?” Praetor Tal’Aura asked her naval commander.

Admiral Vokek leaned forward to address his Praetor. “I can confirm that we destroyed eighteen rebel warships for only five of our own.” He replied, with a smug grin on his face. “We had the element of surprise and numbers.”

“That always helps.” Tal’Aura agreed, although there was some lack of honour to be had in ambushing a supply convoy. But a victory was a victory, none the less. They would reclaim the Vorkado system in the name of the Empire, and her citizens would rejoice the return of the one true government over them. Those that did not… well… the afterlife could deal with their concerns.

“What of the invitation by that new Federation President to ‘talks’ about our internal affairs?” Sneered one of the Senators who was on the panel by virtue of being a senior Senator.

Tal’Aura needed to tread carefully. Although she was Praetor, her position was precarious due to internal politics within the Senate. Her own advance to Praetor was as a result of her collusion with the monster Shinzon of Remus. None present had ever forgotten how it was Tal’Aura herself who had brought in the Thalaron Generator into the Senate chamber and executed Praetor Hiron’s entire government. Now, many factions that had emerged vied for dominance in the polarised new senate.

The senator in question, Birtek, represented a large faction within the Senate who were far more hawkish than the previous Senate had been, and were much more interested in involving themselves in external affairs.

“I have decided to send a representative to President Mitchell’s conference, if only to hear what the Federation has to say for themselves.” She replied haughtily. “Proconsul Tomalak and yourself, Senator, will go dente with our Federation ‘friends’.”

“They no doubt wish to becry the internal situation with our traitors. Probably wanting to find a ‘peaceful solution’ to our problem. Maybe even wanting to address the ‘humanitarian crisis’ if ever there was such an offensive term applied to us.” General Kimpesh sneered.

“It is so good of our Tal’Shair friend here to remind us of the obvious.” Birtek muttered. “Tell me General, how goes the so called ‘refugee crisis’?”

Ignoring the snide comment, Kimpesh looked down at Birtek and smiled. “We’ve caught several ‘refugee’ vessels attempting to enter the Neutral zone. Their occupants were duly screened, and any citizens of the Empire were sent for re-education, and any from our traitors were duly executed.”

He then turned his attention to Tal’Aura. “This conference could be a good opportunity for us to evaluate Starfleet’s latest outpost along our border. The station they call ‘Deep Space Seven’ is relatively new, and I for one would be interested to see what they have there.”

“I trust you’ll make the necessary arrangements.” Tal’Aura replied, haughtily.

“I certainly shall.” Kimpesh replied. “There’s a group of dissidents and troublemakers who like to go around protesting things, who I am aware are interested in making… ‘Representations’ at this conference. I’m quite certain that we can take advantage of this.”

“Just see that nothing comes back to us.” Tal’Aura replied, sternly.

“Of course, Lady Praetor.” Kimpesh replied, humbly.

Imperial Chambers, Grand Imperial Palace
Achemar Prime

Sat at the head of a long table, Donatra looked at her ministers of state as she considered the request before her. President Mitchell, the newly elected leader of the Federation, was looking to host a conference between the Imperial State and the Romulan Empire. Presumably, he was looking to act as an honest broker between the two rival powers.

For her part, she wanted to have good relations with the Federation, something she hoped would be the case on her ascendancy to the Imperial Throne, but the previous Federation government had been reluctant to recognise her legitimacy for fear of antagonising the Empire. The Klingons however, had been more than prepared to recognise her government, as they quite enjoyed antagonising everyone. The knowledge that if the RSE decided to invade en-mass, that the Klingon Defence Force would come to her aid, was quite warming.

However, knowing the empire of old, they would do their crafty underhanded sneak tactics to slowly undermine her, even arrange for her disappearance. Her public arrest and execution would be preferable for Tal’Aura’s agenda, but she wasn’t going to submit so meekly to the woman who killed her beloved. No, Donatra would see that wench tied to a stake and burned alive on the street outside the Senate for her crimes.

“Empress, I regret to inform you of an ambush against our convoy through the Vorkado system. We lost the eighth squadron who were tasked with its defence. As a result, Star Navy vessels have now annexed the system.” Her naval commander reported.

“How many of our people did we lose, Admiral?” She asked.

“Fourteen hundred, my Empress.” The Admiral replied. “It could’ve been worse, but not by a substantial margin. Nine ships escaped to warp.”

“Let us be grateful for their escape.” Donatra replied. “Please arrange for suitable compensation to be given to their families. Their sacrifice will be honoured by the crown.”

“As you desire, Your Majesty.” The Admiral replied, putting his hand across his chest and bowing.

“Majesty, what do you wish to do about the Human’s offer of conference?” Her foreign minister asked.

“I have made no secret of my strong desire to improve relations with the Federation.” Donatra replied. “I am also interested in hearing what President Mitchell has to say.”

“Majesty, I think it unwise for you to attend in person.” Foreign Minister Livan said.

“You think I should do it via long range comm then?” Donatra replied, smirking.

“No Majesty, I think I should go on your behalf.” She replied, smiling at Donatra. “That way, if they kill me, I can be replaced.”

“No!” Donatra exclaimed. “You cannot be replaced Livan! You are irreplaceable to me!”

“Majesty, I am merely a minister to the crown. I am expendable in the grand scheme of things. Your imperial majesty is not.” Livan replied, giving a weak smile to her long-time friend and confidant, who was now her immeasurable superior. “Sending me at least sends the message that you take the talks seriously.”

“I want every conceivable precaution taken to protect Minister Livan.” Donatra said, sternly to her security chief. “If she comes back with so much as a blemish to her skin, I will have the guards responsible strung up from the palace walls!”

“By your command, Majesty.” The Security Chief replied, bowing.

“I can only hope that our faith in the Federation is not misplaced.” Donatra said, rising from her ornate chair. “Livan, please come with me to my private chambers. There is much I would discuss with you before you leave.”

“I am at your Imperial Majesty’s command.” Livan said, rising when Donatra did and bowing.

Donatra smiled, and the two women left the audience chamber with Donatra’s long dress flowing behind her.


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