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Trying to Figure This Shit Out

Posted on Friday May 10, 2019 @ 3:33am by Lieutenant Commander Jael Steiger & Dutch Lowek

Mission: LINK
Location: Jael & Dutch's Quarters
Timeline: MD01 - 2100 hours

Surrounded by her pile of pads, Jael sat cross-legged on top of her neatly made bed. She rubbed the back of her neck, almost going cross-eyed as she stared at the images of the two key players of the saga that was going to be unfolding on the station: Donatra of the Romulan Imperial Fleet and Praetor Tal-Aura of the Romulan Star Empire. It seemed President Mitchell, a rather bold and somewhat overconfident man looking to permanently etch his name into the Federation’s history, was a little short-sighted with his efforts. He failed to see the long-term impact of even being the middle-man between two rival factions. Kerry was correct in being apprehensive about the coming events. They can either make or break the Federation. It had been twenty years since the Dominion War and the Federation had maintained its peace. Was the Federation ready to take on another war that would divide the galaxy once again?

“Working hard or hardly working?” Dutch leaned against the doorframe, admiring his wife in her work mode. He had just come from his own last-minute meeting with his contract handler that had pulled him from his much needed and desired time with her. Her hair flowing in dark waves past her shoulders over her black tank top and black mini-shorts that exposed her smooth olive-tinted skin definitely wasn’t helping.

Jael looked up from her PADD and gave Dutch a warm grin. “President Mitchell has gotten himself into, as you say, ‘quite a pickle,’ and I mean that in the literal sense.” She placed the PADD down in front of her. “How was your meeting?”

Dutch sighed as he pulled his shirt off, exposing his quite impressionable smooth and muscular torso, and discarded his pants without care. “You’re looking at one of the personal security officers for President Nicholas Mitchell during his stay here on the wonderful Deep Space 7.” He gave a slightly cringed smile as he slid himself gently next to the unsteady pile of PADDs and rolled over onto his stomach.

Jael’s eyebrows furrowed slightly at him. “You are not pleased with the contract?”

“Well, you know…” Dutch dragged out as he ran his finger over her thigh. “I mean, it could be worse I guess. I could be sent to some bum-fuck deserted planet on guard duty for some piece of shit businessman,” he let off a chuckle as he peeked over her PADD. “Maybe they wanted someone who looked good for the Romulans, maybe ease up a bit of their tension.”

Jael’s eyes crinkled slightly at his joke. “It may be fortunate for you that the Romulans are not known to be handsy like some of their human counterparts.”

“After not seeing you for a month I’m a little backed up. It may help me out a bit.” Dutch stuck his tongue out playfully as his fingers began inching up towards the hem of Jael’s shirt.

“That meeting must have been very difficult for you then,” Jael jested dryly as she looked down at him. “The President is a very attractive man.”

Dutch let out a loud laugh. “Unfortunately he was not present at the meeting. Though that may be fortunately depending on my case.” Using his free hand, he picked up one the PADD on top of the pile and breezed over it quickly. “A bit of light reading?”

Jael nodded. “The Captain has asked me for a psychological evaluation of the situation and of the people involved. This way we are able to better prepare ourselves for what may come of it.” She looked at Dutch, knowingly trusting him with the very sensitive details. She had been grateful with her decision to marry the man as it granted her the ability to discuss her work knowing he will be able to maintain his silence even under extreme pressure. Once an Intelligence Agent, always an Intelligence Agent. “The President is seeking to provide Romulan refugee support during this crisis-”

“What is he, insane?!” Dutch bellowed out in disbelief.

Jael ignored the comment as it had been expected. “The Captain is seeking another means of an offer for both of the leaders that would be less impacting on the Federation and, potentially, the station. The Romulans are very prideful and egotistical people. One wrong move or offer that would put one of them into the defensive would be a disaster of epic proportions for the Federation. The President has unknowingly surrounded himself with armed land mines.”

Dutch let out a scoff and placed the PADD down. “His advisors must’ve shit themselves when he told them what he wanted to do.”

She gave him a shrug. “He is a very persuasive man. His legal record is one of the best I have ever seen. Time will tell how well that skill will translate to diplomatic procedures. This is his first major incident since his election. He is also coming from a landslide victory which may have inflated his ego.”

“So, what are you going to do with the offer?” Dutch asked with a bit of curiosity.

Jael paused. She was still unable to come up with a solution to the location of the missing piece to their puzzle. “I do not know, Dutch. I honestly do not know.” This was the first time she had ever admitted to not being able to solve a problem that had been presented to her. Her voice was heavy and solemn and out of character for the always confident woman.

Dutch felt the hopelessness beaming from her. His eyebrows raised slightly as he sat up to face her directly. He moved to run his fingers through her thick locks and down to her waist. He was of no help to her either, as he had never had to deal with the Romulans during his long career with Starfleet. “You’re tired, Sweetheart.” He leaned forward and pressed his lips against her neck, giving her a slow, soft kiss on the sensitive skin. He knew he had succeeded when he felt a long slow breath coming from her mouth. “You’ll think better after some sleep and a few good workouts before your shift in the morning.”

Jael’s lips twitched up. “A few, Dutch?”

Chuckling into her neck, he raised his head up slightly with a raised eyebrow as he ran a finger along her strong and succulent jaw. “You know I tend to exaggerate.”

As she placed the PADDs onto the floor next to the bed, she felt Dutch’s eager hands grab hold of her waist, knocking over the PADDs and sending her onto her back against the mattress. His hands pressed onto her inner thighs to lock them open and he let out a low chest-deep growl before laying his lips onto hers.


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